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Our goal is to relocate large-size machines in a safe, solid and timely manner way. Moving machinery inside and outside of the facilities is a huge logistical challenge. To do it properly you need to know a technical know-how and more necessary knowledge. Only experience and appropriate equipment ensure complete performance. We can guarantee our customers that their machines will reach the right destination and will be launched on time. Europnet has very long experience in handling individual machines and whole production lines all across the UE. Our company is involved in machine transportation for plastics industry. We are also a trusted business partner of well-known manufacturers. We are not only a transport company but the enterprise offering disassembly, start-up and machine loading services. For example we transported over 20 injection moulding machines in 2015 each above 1000 Tons of clamping force. Our services include: • Disconnection of electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts • Disassembly of robots and machines accessories • Liquid pumping • Transport security • Machine’s unloading • Connection of electric cabinets, robots and accessories • Launching and training if the customer requires • Machine’s loading as recommended by the manufacturer • Organization of freight forwarding

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