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CM Investigations
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CM Investigations provide a Text Message Retreival service which enables them to provide you with the information you need. Many people believe that once you 'delete' a text message from your inbox/outbox, then it is deleted.. WRONG.. If you believe your child has been sexting or is receiving unwanted messages, then a member of the team can provide you with a fast service usually within 24 hours depending on your location. From as little as £30.00 in most cases, CM Investigations will provide you with a full report along with all evidence gathered. Children use social networking sites to create their online identity, communicate with their friends and meet like minded people. But are their 'new' friends actually who they say they are? If you are worried about your child/ren and their safety online, then please Contact Us .. CM Investigations can assist in keeping your child/ren safe, whether they are using a home computer, Smart phones or a school computer by monitoring which sites your child/ren is using and who they talk too.
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