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ChipsAway Carmarthenshire
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ChipsAway offer the most convenient specialised SMART repair service for your vehicle, whether it be a car, motorbike caravan, motor-home, boat, light plane or helicopter. We can provide the best quality repairs to any paint scratched surface, bumper scuffs, kerbed alloy wheels and minor dents without re-painting the entire panel/wheel. This can be carried out within a few hours, to a high quality commercial standard, at a fraction of the price traditional body shops adopt. ChipsAway specialist will come to you, whether at home or workplace, completing mobile car/vehicle repairs from vehicles fully equipped as workshops. Our ChipsAway Repair System complies with the latest EU environment legislation and all paint/chemicals are Isocyanate free. Whether you have a brand new car, or you have invested in something slightly older, the care you take over your vehicle is likely to determine how long the car lasts, how well it serves you and eventually, how much you get for it when you sell it. Giving your car regular bouts of car and attention will pay dividends in the long run. When you do eventually come to sell your car, one of the biggest selling points is making a good impression with the appearance. People can tell when a car has been well looked after and even people with the most basic of knowledge are often soon able to find parts of the car where car has not been taken. Buyers are looking for a reason to knock the price of your car down, so it is better not to give them ammunition. It is extremely difficult to get a car to look in showroom condition when it has been regularly mistreated over a period of time. Any damage to the outside of the car should be corrected as soon as possible. Dent repairs are often very easy to fix, as are bumper repairs and vandal scratch repairs.
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