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Use The Letter Logo In Your Company Symbol – The Power Of One!

Category: Arts & Humanities: Design Arts

Nothing can be more memorable then simplicity in a design. So if you want your brand mark to be memorable then make sure that it is simple. One way to make your emblem simple and distinct is to use a single letter symbol. This is the kind of brand mark that uses the first letter of your company name. There are several successful companies nowadays that have used one or two lettered symbols to represent their business. Now, you may think that how can a single letter logo be simple, unique or memorable; especially when it is probably used by many other company as well? Well, this is where your creativity comes in. To add a unique touch to your logo, you can encompass your company values, hidden messages or your product's unique selling point in the letter. Want to know how? We'll tell you. Letters are the most flexible characters to be molded creatively which make them the perfect platform for your innovation and imagination. Along with that, a letter symbol also looks sophisticated and classy. It is also timeless and if created right, can be memorable. So how can you create a unique letter symbol for your company? The first thing to do is to list down your corporation values in two to three words. The next step is to draw a big illustration of your corporation initial. If the name is more than one letters then use initials of all the words but make sure your symbol is not more than three initials as that would make your symbol complicated. Then try to mold your business values into your letter. Here, you can try several techniques. You can use the help of images to craft your symbol or you can use the empty space around your business letter to give it a distinct touch.

• If you want to use the negative space: Here, for example, if your corporation name starts with the letter H and you are dealing in winery, then you can encompass two wineglasses facing each other in the monogram or if the name starts with an S and you are dealing with women's skin care products then you can illustrate two pairs of feet in the two curves of the letter S.

• If you want to represent your business values or product description in your letter logos: For example, if you own a shoe shop and the name starts with letter M, then you can craft an image of two stiletto heels facing each other. Or if you have a film Production Company and the name starts with the letter ‘A', then you can create an image of film rolled to resemble that letter. If your business name starts with B and your products unique selling point is that it is environmentally friendly then you can mold the letter creatively to look like a leaf. So there you have some unique and distinct ideas to use the power of a single letter for your brand mark.

Date Added: April 24, 2012 04:29:44 AM
Author: Tammt Becker
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